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2023 Flood relief

Project summary
£1000 grant in 2023 for flood relief following Cyclone Freddie.

Lynda Mills from Aid Africa told us:

Storm Freddie brought 72 hours of fierce winds of up to 165 mph and torrential rain which
ripped off roofs, demolished houses, flooded rivers, destroyed roads and bridges, closed schools and cut off electricity supplies. Over 600 people died and more than 500 left missing, thousands injured and more left at risk of floods & mudslides.

Aid Africa were able to respond to immediate needs—food, plastic sheeting, water containers and bedding. However, with FOMA’s support, we were able to:

  • build 100 household toilets (50 funded by FOMA) and a couple of public units in two different areas
  • part-build 35 houses where one or two walls had gone (12 funded by FOMA)
  • construct 2 complete houses for vulnerable families
  • replace roofs
  • restore safe water to thousands
  • reconstruct a couple of bridges for access and safety

Through FOMA’s kindness hundreds have benefited amid the chaos and traumatic circumstances. We were told that even though some agencies brought a bit of food or a few buckets, Aid Africa/FOMA was the only organisation helping with reconstruction and sanitation in our area, so thanks was warmly expressed by all the chiefs and community leaders.

2022 Flood relief

Project summary
£1500 for reconstruction of toilets following Cyclone Ana.

Lynda Mills from Aid Africa gave us the view from the ground:

Tropical Cyclone Ana roared through southern Malawi in late January 2022 bringing strong winds and heavy rains. Malawi declared a national disaster as more than 30 people died, 800,000 were affected, with infrastructure and power supplies significantly damaged. Many homes and outbuildings were destroyed, crops were flattened in the fields, mainly by the winds, but also flooding of the lower areas.

Thanks to FOMA, over 100 people were delighted —and relieved—to have their toilets replaced, providing them with privacy & dignity, while reducing the health risks associated with the many challenges of poor sanitation.


Project summary
£1000 for a Moringa Grove reforestation project.

Lynda Mills from Aid Africa explained:

Moringa is a local, fast growing tree with leaves that contain a range of impressive nutrients. It’s delicious served as a green vegetable or salad but despite these benefits it is under-utilised, mainly due to difficulties protecting it from marauding livestock. This project trialled woven modular fencing panels made with traditional skills from local materials to protect the trees from grazing animals.

The aim is to provide high-grade nutritional benefit freely to hundreds in the impoverished areas, by establishing “Moringa Groves” – woodlots of 100 moringa trees—in 3 rural villages.