2023 Projects Summary

Makoka School

A grant of £720 to support the construction of pit latrines at Makoka School, Zomba.

Wonderful Mudolo, CorpsAfrica volunteer, expressed the concerns of the community at the lack of sanitation facilities at Makoka School, especially with the cholera outbreak affecting the area placing the school children vulnerable to diseases and infections. In order to solve this problem, Makoka community members identified the Pit Latrine project to constructing six new toilets and a girls changing room with the aim of improving the sanitation and hygiene for pupils.

We recently received an update on this project – it is almost complete with both the buildings at superstructure level. The boys’ pit latrine has a roof and the plastering is underway; the girls’ pit latrine concrete slab is complete and the contractor is layering bricks to construct the rooms. They expect to be finished and in use by the end of July.

Ntonya Village

A grant of £545 to support the construction and renovation of under-5 health centre for Ntonya Village, Mulanje.

Hope Ngondo, CorpsAfrica volunteer working with Ntonya village describes the lack of healthcare services for children under the age of five as a serious and pressing issue. The clinic in the community is in bad shape, with worn-out walls, no windows and floor – it is not safe to use. This means people must travel at least 7km on foot to get medical care.  Renovation of the under 5 clinic will involve a new floor, windows, doors and re-doing the roof.

This project is currently underway – we recently received this update report: Approximately half the work is now completed. The building has had a first coat of lime paint, next the doors will be installed to ensure the building’s functionality and safety.

Kadyalunda Community

A grant of £800 to support the construction of bridge for Kadyalunda Community, Balaka.

Wongani Mwasinga, CorpsAfrica volunteer in Kadyalunda community reports that the lack of a bridge across the Ntchesa River means that people are forced to use longer routes, especially during the rainy season, making it hard for students to get to school, for the community to get to the markets, the graveyard and medical help. So, the decision to construct an overhead bridge was made and the FOMA grant will assist in construction.

The bridge construction project began in May 2023 by clearing the construction site and excavating the foundations. Construction of the bridge was completed on 17th June 2023 and then finally a sign post installed. The project has benefitted 8750 community members in Kadyalunda.

Makanani Community

A grant of £890 to support the construction of a bridge for Makanani Community, Mwanza.

Prisca Kadawati, CorpsAfrica volunteer working with the community reports that the Nyagambe River causes problems and concern in rainy reason when it floods, preventing people crossing safely to school, to the market and to access health services. Therefore, it is with all these reasons that the community came up with the idea to build a bridge on the river. They started by collecting border stones in 2022 and they have shown commitment to assisting in the construction.

This project started in May and is almost complete – at first the the site was cleared and foundations were dug. Once the foundations were laid, the pillars were constructed and finally the concrete slab that makes the bridge prepared. This has been drying out and then final finishing will be done after removing the timber and blue gum support poles.

Chipata Village

A grant of £790 to support the construction of an Under-5 health clinic for Chipata Village, Kasungu.

Khumbolawo Mkochi, CorpsAfrica volunteer in Chipata village explained that the aim of the Chilamphuma Under-5 clinic project is to essentially finish the construction by providing a roof and cemented floor. The building was started in 2013 by the community members but due to a lack of funds it sits unfinished, and due to this, women and children are forced to access medication, basic counselling, under-5 and family planning services at the Mission hospital 15 km walk away.

This project was completed in August 2023 and the building is now in use holding the Under-5 clinic.

Huwa Village

A grant of £850 to support the construction of an Under-5 health clinic in Huwa Village, Dedza.

Washington Chifunda, CorpsAfrica volunteer in Huwa village explains that the Health Surveillance Assistants assigned to this area are meeting a lot of challenges as they were working under trees only with no proper health facility. The community decided on the health shelter because it improve the health services to include health education, immunization, growth monitoring, prenatal and postnatal care, disease surveillance, nutrition, water and sanitation, contraceptive distribution, and treatment of minor diseases among under 5 children.

The building has now been finished and the community enjoyed an opening ceremony at the end of July.

2022 Projects Summary

ANNIKA Children’s Initiatives

A grant of £1000 to support repairs to the Primary School in Chingoli Community, Mulanje.

Luke Namangale, Board Member of Annika, reports: In January 2022 Malawi was heavily hit by tropical cyclone Ana. One of the most affected areas was in the southern region in the districts of Phalombe, Chikwawa and Mulanje. Chingoli Primary School, in Mulanje, was greatly affected with the classrooms filled with water up to window level which resulted in the development of cracks in the school block walls.

The impact of the funding has been tremendously good and this project has been a success. It has increased the space for leaners with over 100 kids now using this classroom because of the grant from FOMA.

Chiondwe Village

A grant o f £930 to support the completion of a construction project involving a warehouse and a childcare centre in Chiondwe community, Mzimba.

Thokozani Chepuka, CorpsAfrica Volunteer described the main aim of the project was to improve early childhood education outcomes and economic activity among community members which will in turn improve livelihoods. The FOMA grant was used to purchase cement, timber, lime and iron sheets while the community made contributions of £150 towards costs and in-kind donations of sand, bricks, and labour.

Kadyalunda Village

A grant of £1000 to support the construction of a Child Care Centre for Kadyalunda Community, Balaka

Adorah Maere, CorpsAfrica Malawi volunteer reported: The project involved finishing off a building that was not in a good condition and turning it into a nursery school for the community. The grant helped the building to get a new roof, plastering and painting of the walls, cement floor, windows and doors. The community provided bricks, sand and water which were all calculated in kind as their contribution. The construction of the CBCC means a population of about 83 children can learn comfortably and approximately 300 community members are also able to use the building for other meetings.

Mpulula Village

A grant of £820 to support the construction of a timber bridge for Mpulula village, Ntcheu.

Umusa N’goma, CorpsAfrica Malawi volunteer explained: The river in the village has been a problem for many years and during the rainy season children do not go to school because of the inaccessibility caused by the river. Construction of a bridge was well needed. With the FOMA grant received we purchased materials such as 64 bags of cement, a drainage pipe and nails. The community managed to work as a team and start the construction work. – the turn-up was impressive!

Chiyenda Village

A grant of £275 to assist in the installation of a water tap for Chiyenda village, Mchinji.

Funani Matemba, CorpsAfrica Malawi volunteer with Chiyenda village explained that most people were relying on a well as their main water source placing them at risk of waterborne diseases. The community agreed that there would be much benefit in installing a water pipe to connect to tap water 1km away. They identified the land to use, dug the drainage channels, provided bricks and contributed cash donations towards the total budget. The project has benefitted approximately 100 people, providing clean water and reducing the distance they walk to collect it.

Chikonde Youth Organisation

A grant of £1000 to support the construction of a Community Based Child Care Centre (CBCC) in Seunda village, Zomba.

Grace Sichinga, CorpsAfrica Malawi volunteer explained that working through the Chikonde Youth Organization (CYO) the community came together to help construct the building known as the Miracle Community Based Childcare Centre. The project’s main objective was to improve the standard of early childhood education at Miracle Nursery School to approximately 85 children. The parents/guardians of these students will also benefit from this project as the burden of providing grass, poles and plastic to thatch the local classrooms every year is now over as the school has been roofed.


A grant of £860 to support the construction of two period friendly toilets for girls at Ligowe Community Day Secondary School, Neno District.

Kaitano Maison, CorpsAfrica Malawi volunteer explained: The single toilet used by the girls at the school fell down due to heavy storm in 2022 forcing the girls to go home for toilet use. The school also had no changing room for girls during menstruation. These affected the girls’ education since they missed class lessons. To solve the problem, the community contributed sand, bricks, quarry, water and labour and with the help of the FOMA grant, the new toilets were constructed. At least 100 girls have started using the two toilets and changing room hence thie grant has greatly improved the sanitation, menstrual hygiene and education of girls at Ligowe CDSS.

2020 Project Summary

Siyombwe Clinic

A grant of £800 to support the purchase of construction materials to complete building a health clinic for the Siyombwe Community in Chitipa District.

Lucky Katundu, CorpsAfrica volunteer working with the community, reported: The Siyombwe Clinic was initially started in 2000 but had no paved floor, no doors, no windows and was not plastered – meaning there was no privacy and prevented people from seeking medical help. It was this that inspired the Ungweru Youth Organisation in collaboration with CorpsAfrica Malawi to approach FOMA for a grant. With the successful rebuilding the clinic now serves over 1000 people.