2022 Project Summary

A grant of £1000 to support the purchase of a motorbike to enable home heath visits conducted by the Chimwemwe m’ubereki Association (also known as Joyful Motherhood).

Glory Mwafulirwa-Kabaghe, Programme Manager with Joyful Motherhood explained that vulnerable infants and post-partum mothers are referred to the programme immediately after birth and the service then provides home-based nursing care for at least one year. Vulnerable babies are identified as those whose mothers die soon after delivery, premature infants, low birth weight, twins and triplets, babies with disabilities such and babies whose mothers have no breast milk. Vulnerable mothers are those who require extended hospitalisation after delivery or any intensive care unit admission due to obstetric incidents such as ruptured uterus, severe post-partum haemorrhage, eclampsia, septicaemia, emergency hysterectomy, severe anaemia, post-natal, depression/psychosis and teenage mothers less than 15 years of age.

For the home-visits to succeed, there is a need for better transportation of the staff to and from the beneficiaries’ homes and therefore it was decided to purchase a motorbike. In the first few weeks of use, the motorbike travelled over 100kms helping to conduct 23 visits to babies and 3 visits to mothers.

Joyful Motherhood motorbike