2022 Project Summary

A grant of £700 to support the renovation of a bore hole for the Chigombe community, Kalonga, in Salima District.

Chiyembekezo Chabvu, Manager at SMOT called the project “Madzi abwino ndi Moyo” which in the local language means “Safe water is life”. This project will help the community members to have access to better water and so have healthier, productive lives as well as being able to participate in community development.

2021 Project Summary

A grant of £800 to support the construction of a girls toilet and changing room at Kawangwi primary school, Dowa.

Chiyembekezo Chabvu, Manager at SMOT described the project name as the ‘Nditha project’ which means ‘I can’ and refers to ‘I can now go back to school’. The FOMA grant assisted in the building of a decent 4 roomed toilet and girls’ change rooms at the Kawangwi primary school through provision of building materials such as cement blocks, iron sheets, nails, doors and door frames, lime and paint. The community contributed by providing sand, time and water for the construction. The new facilities will help decrease drop out rates and increase enrolment at the school, especially for girls.