2020 Project Summary

A grant of £1000 to support the renovation of the Kamalambo Primary School special needs classroom in Traditional Authority Jenda, Mzimba District.

Gloria Phiri, Executive Director of PRIDE Initiative said that disability does not mean inability, and as such this project seeks to unveil the potential that is hidden in special needs students by aiding their education. Children that are blind and deaf need to learn the basics of braille and sign language while still young in order to interact with fellow students, teachers and the community. The area concerned has more than 500 disabled children with most of them are kept at home due to unsafe learning environments and lack of items such as wheelchairs, crutches and blind canes. PRIDE Initiative engaged the local community through the Parent-Teacher Association and agreed to renovate the room so children should start attending classes. Pride Initiative has contributed £400; £50 was donated from the Tuck Shop run by the school, the community agreed to provide labour, sand and bricks and the remaining costs will be met by the FOMA grant.

We’re awaiting some photos of the project – please check back soon!