Project Summary

A grant of £1000 to support the provision of clean water to villages in Nyowani community, Nsanje District.

Ali Saidi, Project Manager with Busy Youth Organisation explained the reasons behind the project as trying to restore safe drinking water to the community following the tropical storms, flooding and outbreaks of cholera in the area. The FOMA grant will be used to purchase hand pumps and the communities themselves are providing water, bricks, sand and labour during the installation process. Water pump committees will receive training in managing and repairing the pumps to ensure sustainability.

Following installation of the water pumps, it was reported that 1000 people in the 2 villages now have access safe water. The pumps are a reasonable distance meaning the villagers have more time and energy for productive activities such as running a small business or a small home garden for growing food. Both villages have registered a reduction in cholera cases by 65% and water related infections have dropped by 70% – these health improvements have helped increase school class attendance by 16% (especially in children below 12 years).